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    Pro Ads Africa Business Directory, listing and Classifieds is dedicated to helping people start, run and grow successful businesses in, Gauteng(Johannesburg), Cape Town, Durban and the rest of South Africa, from high-growth start-ups to home-based business owners. We have built a library of over 900 just-in-time business articles since our launch in December 2014, to meet our mission of helping small businesses access the information they need, just as they need it. Proads Africa also has a directory of ‘Verified South African’ businesses, a South African business events calendar and several tools to support businesses, like our financial ratios calculator. Popular topics on the site are thinking out of the box, HR, marketing, sales, and how small companies can benefit from emerging technologies. The founders are entrepreneurs who live what they write about. The thing that distinguishes Proads Africa from other online small business sites is its narrow focus on South African businesses, although many of the site’s adverts outside of legal, finance and HR have an appeal to an international audience with quality business listing and Classifieds.
    Is local directory listing a must for your business?The answer to that questions is an emphatic YES! Your accurate and updated local listing plays an integral role in local seo. Search engines like Google and Bing populates these sites at the top of their organic search results when a user is searching with a local intent. But if you haven’t claimed your local directory listing, then there is a good chance that it has inaccurate or missing information about your business. This signals to search engines that they all belong to your business, which can increase the visibility of your listings (and your website) in the search results.What’s even more important, many local consumers use search engines like Google and Bing, as well as Yelp directly on their phone, tablet, and PCs to find local businesses in their area. No matter how consumers are finding your listings, you need to make sure they provide the most accurate, compelling information possible to turn those searchers into leads.Where should you list your business?The first thing you should do is do a quick search on Google using your business name. Visit each local directory listing to claim and update your business information such as your business name, phone number, address, hours of operation, and photos. Your business/organization should always have accurate, complete listings on key sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo!. But, those aren’t the only sites you should be on; your business should be listed on many general and industry-specific sites across the web.To determine the top sites for your business/organization, you can conduct a search for your service offerings to see other local directories that Google is displaying in the top 30 search results. Visit each one to claim or add your local business information.However, this approach can only show you a portion of the local directories you may want your business listing on. And, once your listings are claimed, you’ll need to review and maintain them regularly to ensure they always contain the latest information about your business.